About EHS Leader

Since 2007 EHS Leader has played a pivotal role in supplying companies with our premium news service. Find out more about our service on this page or, for more information, contact us.

Our Mission:

To provide businesses with the information they need to manage the risks of chemicals in products responsibly.

EHS Leader publishes news and intelligence to help companies meet responsibilities under chemicals legislation worldwide, including regimes such as REACH, CLP, GHS and TSCA. We keep you abreast of policy and business trends across Europe, North America, Asia and the rest of the world. Because we are not tied to any trade associations, government or campaign group, we are able to offer objective news and analysis for all sectors.

Our Services

News service

Daily news and weekly news alerts covering REACH, GHS and other global chemical regulations, policy and implementation as well as industry initiatives, NGO viewpoints and emerging science. Our news is organised by region and country and also contains a risk assessment channel. visit news

EHS Leader monthly briefing

Monthly pdf newsletter containing in-depth analysis of regulatory and other drivers of sound chemicals management, with case-studies of company practice and expert contributions. sample briefing

Webinars and workshops

A series of EHS Leader webinars and workshops to complement our editorial coverage offering expert insight into the specifics of chemical regulations. view webinars

Job listings

Details of positions vacant, worldwide, including Regulatory Specialists, Toxicologists, Risk Assessors, Senior Management roles and many more. view job listings

EHS Leader forum

Discussion forum for the EHS Leader community to inform each other, ask questions and debate the issues of the day. join the discussion

The professionals’ choice for Europe’s environmental news and information
EHS Leader brings you the latest European environmental news and a wide range of services including analyses, interviews, opinion pieces and updates on national and EU laws, as well as additional reports on topical issues.

Reliable, accurate, concise
EHS Leader reports the news that matters – accurately and independently. Our readers agree. Written by our editorial team in Brussels and London, the service is offered by the UK’s leading professional environmental publisher, Environmental Data Services (EHS Leader).

The latest news directly to your inbox
As well as constantly posting new articles on our website, we also send the news directly to you, wherever you are. An update is published every business day and delivered straight to your e-mail address. Receive what you want, when you want it

  • Choose news content and delivery frequency by clicking on the Personalise tab.
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Need to know more? Every EHS Leader article helps you to delve deeper with links to original documents and contact details for the organisations behind the news.

Go beyond the news
On our website you will also find extra content including feature articles, expert commentaries, analysis and interviews.

Search our unrivalled archive
Use EHS Leader’s web archives as an unrivalled research tool to delve into past coverage. About 15,000 articles published since our launch in February 1997 are available to all subscribers and are fully searchable.

Year round reporting

EHS Leader publishes all year round, with more than 220 daily emails appearing each year. The daily email service takes several short publishing breaks around European public holidays and a longer break around Easter, Christmas and the New Year. A Summer Service of two issues per week (published Monday and Wednesday) is offered from the last week of July to the end of August.

Ideal for group readership
Keep groups of any size up to date with European environmental affairs via a group subscription. This is extremely cost effective, easy to organise and administer. Our useful personalisation facility means that each participating reader can select the options they prefer. Contact us for more information.

Great value for money
Whether via a personal or group subscription, EHS Leader offers great value for money. Per-reader rates in group subscriptions are far lower still. Basic price details are shown here. For more detailed information, please contact us.

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